A Blessing in Disguise

Episode Theme

Community-Building: True Friendship.

Memory Verse

Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times ...

Have you ever heard of a "blessing in disguise?" Why would something good ever want to disguise itself? Time for a Bible Quiz on disguised blessings!

Question 1: What good happened because Joseph's jealous brothers sold him to be a slave? (Genesis 47)

Question 2: What good happened because Paul was whipped and thrown into jail? (Acts 16)

Question 3: What good happened when King Xerxes was embarrassed by his wife and decided to get a new queen? (Esther 5)

Question 4: What good happened when Daniel was forbidden to worship God? (Daniel 6)

How did you do? When Joseph was a slave, he managed a wealthy Egyptian's house and learned how to manage things well. When Pharaoh needed someone to guide all of Egypt through a famine, Joseph already had the skills necessary for the job. Because Paul was in jail, he met and then brought the man in charge of the jail (and the man's whole family) to Christ. Because Esther was chosen to be the new queen, when her people were threatened with death, she was able to ask the king for his help and save her people. Because Daniel worshipped God no matter what, he showed God's glory and power to a foreign king.

All four of these people had something in common. They were all in a bad situation-hardly a blessing. None of them could rescue themselves-not a blessing. They prayed to God about their problems. They all trusted God. They all waited for God's answer. The results for each were that they themselves were not only blessed, but God used their situations to bless others and to show his power.

What's a blessing in disguise? It's when we are facing something hard and we turn to God for help. We pray. We trust. We wait for God. We wonder, how is God going to use me to bless others!

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