A Hero Stands By

Episode Theme

Community-Building: All kingdom tasks are valuable, no matter the size.

Memory Verse

1 Samuel 30:24

Each man who stayed with the supplies will receive the same share as each man who went down to the battle. Everyone's share will be the same.

Have you ever been stuck in the middle of a huge fight? Where each group said they were right? And it was up to you decide? This really happened to David. Check out what he did.

It started when David and his group of 800 soldiers left their families at home and went to see the king of the Philistines. They went to see if he wanted their help in fighting a war. The king told David, "Nope, you and your men are free to go home." When David and his men got home, they discovered something horrible.

Some men heard that David was off helping the king, so they went to David's city and carried off everything (including people) and then burned the city. When David saw what had happened, he asked God what to do. God said to go after these men. So David and his group of 800 men immediately set out to chase these robbers.

But David and his men had been traveling a long way-to see the king, to return back home, and now to chase after robbers. About 200 men were just too exhausted to go any further. David told them to stop, to rest, and to watch over their supplies. David and the other 600 men continued on, found the robbers, clobbered them, and rescued every stolen person and thing. They also took everything else the robbers had with them. Then they headed back home.

When they reached the 200 men who had stayed behind and watched the supplies, an argument began. The 600 men who fought said the 200 men could have their families back but nothing else. But the 200 men were also part of David’s army and they did watch over the supplies while the rest of the army was away. The argument was fierce. What did David do? He reminded all 800 men and their families that the only reason they had their families and all this stuff was because of GOD! Therefore, since God won the victory and all the men played their part in God’s plan, everyone would share equally.

David understood how to be a true hero-he trusted in God. He gave God all the credit for the victory. It's the same for us. When we need to be a true hero, what do we do? Trust God. Give him the glory for the victory he gives you!

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