A Star Is Bored

Episode Theme

Image-Reflecting: Dealing with disappointment

Memory Verse

Psalm 143:8b

I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.

If you were a famous movie producer, and you wanted to make a blockbuster film about the Savior coming to our world to rescue everyone, how would you create it?

First, you would need to think about casting the major role. Who would you choose for the part of the Savior? Would you pick someone who was strong, smart, and handsome with super-human powers? You would not choose an ordinary baby.

You would also need to cast the Savior's family. Would you choose a king and a queen for the parents? Of course, the parents would be glamorous and rich--not some unknown young couple. Where would the Savior's family live? Would you scout everywhere to find just the right castle? Or would you place the Savior in a mansion in the middle of a large city? You would never choose a stable behind a little hotel in a small city of an insignificant country.

How would you announce the Savior? Would you choose military jets? Parades? A series of miracles? Telling some poor, uneducated shepherds first would probably not be in your movie. Finally, you would need to create the climactic moment-the moment when the Savior actually rescues the people. What kind of super-human act would you have him do? Would it involve fire or storms or a battle with fierce enemy soldiers? Would you have your Savior nailed on a wood cross to die a humiliating death?

You can probably guess that God doesn't think at all like a typical movie producer. God's story of sending a Savior, his very own Son, to rescue us does not play out like a Hollywood movie. But that is good for us. That's why we don't need to have movie star qualities to attract God's attention. He chooses us for who we are and not for our movie star potential!

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