A Trail of Lies

Episode Theme

Justice-Seeking: One lie leads to another

Memory Verse

Proverbs 19:5

Those who pour out lies will not go free.

Rebekah knew. She knew what would happen because God had told her. But she didn't trust God enough, so she tried to do it on her own. Here's the scoop: Rebekah, wife of Isaac, was pregnant with twins. God told her that the older child would someday serve the younger one (Genesis 25:23). When the twin boys were born she named them Esau and Jacob. Isaac loved the older son Esau more. Rebekah favored the younger son Jacob.

In ancient times, the oldest son inherited everything from his father. When the boys were grown men, Rebekah started to worry. She knew God's promise about Jacob, but she was really worried. Isaac was ready to give his blessing to his oldest son Esau. So Rebekah decided that she couldn't wait for God. She tricked Isaac into thinking that Jacob was Esau. This wasn't hard because Isaac's eyesight was really bad and he was really old. So, Isaac blessed the wrong son.

By lying to her husband and to her son Esau, Rebekah ripped her family apart. Jacob was forced to run for his life. He spent many years living apart from his parents. It took even more years for Esau and Jacob to make peace between them. Their children's children fought all through the Old Testament.

It's tempting to lie when we think that a situation is spinning out of control. It's much harder to wait for God to act, but that is what God wants us to do. He wants us to tell Him our problems and then wait for Him. God always works things out much more wonderfully than we can imagine, if only we wait for Him. If only Rebekah had waited for God, her family would have thanked her.

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