Episode Theme

God-worshiping: Knowing the truth.

Memory Verse

John 17:17

Your word is truth.

Genesis 12

Have you ever heard this sentence? “I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” What exactly does it mean?

If someone is testifying in a court, the judge wants to make sure the person is telling the truth—no lying. The judge doesn’t want the person to leave out any details of the truth either—that’s the whole truth part of the sentence. Lastly, the judge doesn’t want the person to add in anything that will distort the truth—that’s the nothing but the truth part.

Why is the truth so important? What’s the big deal about changing it just a little? Lots of people say that if I want to believe it, then it is the truth for me. But what does the Bible say about the truth?

Abram followed God’s call to leave his country and move to another place. Unfortunately, there was no rain, which meant no crops were growing. Abram decided to move for while to Egypt where there was plenty of water and food. Before he left, he said to his wife, “Sarai, you are so beautiful that some Egyptian will want to marry you. Let’s say that we are related (we are), but let’s not say the part about us being married.” This would qualify as not telling the whole truth.

Abram was right. Pharaoh himself wanted to marry Sarai. When Abram said only that they were related, Pharaoh took her to one of his palaces and gave Abram lots of stuff. Fortunately, God was looking out for Sarai. God caused serious disease in Pharaoh’s house until Pharaoh asked Abram why he had lied and then gave Sarai back to Abram. Pharaoh didn’t say, “Abram, your truth is different, but that’s okay.” He said, “Abram, why did you tell me this lie about Sarai?”

What about you? The world tells us each day that it’s okay to bend the truth if it benefits you. The Bible says God created the truth, and we are to hang on to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

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