Bayou to the Future

Episode Theme

Earth-Keeping: Taking care of the environment.

Memory Verse

Genesis 1:31

Then God looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was excellent in every way.

Have you heard the creation story? The story of how there was emptiness and darkness until God decided to create a whole new world. Let's see if you can describe what God created on each day.

Day 1: God created ________________________________________
(Genesis 1: 3-5)

Day 2: God created ________________________________________
(Genesis 1: 6-8)

Day 3: God created ________________________________________
(Genesis 1: 9-13)

Day 4: God created _______________________________________
(Genesis 1: 14-19)

Day 5: God created _______________________________________
(Genesis 1: 20-23)

Day 6: God created _______________________________________
(Genesis 1: 24-27)

Day 7: God _____________________________________________
(Genesis 2: 2-3)

As you were working on writing down everything that God created, did you notice a line that was repeated? Several times in the story of the creation, the Bible says that God saw what He created was good. God's creation was perfect, beautiful, and very, very good.

God didn't rush though His creation. He took His time and enjoyed each part. God stopped to enjoyHis beautiful work of art. Then He gave His world to us as a present to enjoy. God filled His world with wonders that would point us towards Himself.

How do we thank God for such a wonderful world? Thank Him today using the words of Psalm 104:24: "Lord, you have made so many things! How wise you were when you made all of them! The earth is full of Your creatures."

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