Bible News: Deborah & Gideon, Part 2: Gideon

Episode Theme

Servant-Working: Living life courageously.

Memory Verse

Matthew 19:26

With God all things are possible.

It's time to guess the Bible hero! Do you know which Bible person did all of the following?

1. He secretly gathered his wheat because he was afraid it would be taken from him.
2. When he first met God, he actually asked for a sign to prove it was really God speaking.
3. God told him to destroy altars to other gods and build a new one for just God. He did it, but he was so scared that he did it in the middle of the night.
4. He led only 300 men into battle to defeat an entire army.
5. Before he led these men into battle, he asked God for yet another sign, just to prove God really wanted to use him as the battle leader.
6. He led the Israelites as a judge for 40 years of peace.

Did you know it was Gideon? Just knowing these details about his life, how would you describe Gideon? The word sometimes really seems to fit him. Sometimes, he was scared. Sometimes, he was brave. Sometimes, he trusted God. Sometimes, he needed help trusting God. Sometimes, he was a good soldier. Sometimes, he acted like a coward.

Does any of this sound familiar? We are very much like Gideon with our "sometimes." Sometimes we are very brave for God. Sometimes we are too worried to do anything. The good news is that when Gideon needed a sign from God, God gave one. When Gideon was feeling scared, God was there.

However your day goes for you, know that God is right there with you. Let him guide you through all of the "sometimes" that you will feel today. The best part about God is that he is never sometimes. God is ALWAYS! Just ask Gideon.

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