Can I Get A Witness

Episode Theme

Image-Reflecting: Telling your friends about Jesus.

Memory Verse

Matthew 28:19a

Go and make disciples of all nations.

Do you know what a missionary is? That's right, a missionary is a Christian who travels all over the world to teach people about Jesus. Do you know any missionaries? Where do missionaries live and work? Can you name the following Bible missionary who


Was thrown into jail? (Acts 16: 23)
Had stones thrown at him? (Acts 14:9)
Caused a riot? (Acts 19:29)
Raised a man from the dead? (Acts 20:9-10)
Survived a shipwreck? (Acts 27:39)

Did you know that the missionary was Paul? Paul went on several missionary trips after he became a Christian. He really wanted everyone to know about God's gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Paul also had lots of adventures as he traveled the world to spread the good news of Jesus. You can read about Paul's missionary trips and his adventures in the Bible book of Acts.

Paul is a role model for us. He was willing to travel anywhere in the world to tell people about Jesus. No matter what happened, he knew that God was always with him. The book of Acts ends by saying that "Paul preached boldly about God's kingdom. No one could stop him from teaching people about the Lord Jesus Christ." (Acts 28:31)

Has God called you to be a missionary like Paul? Actually, God has called us all to act like Paul. Some people travel the world as missionaries. Others stay at home to spread the good news of Jesus. Maybe someday you will be called to travel far and wide as God's messenger. Today, practice being a Paul in your own neighborhood. Show your friends and neighbors that Jesus' love is for everyone.

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