Chef Boy R Liz

Episode Theme

Community-Building: Teamwork

Memory Verse

Ecclesiastes 4:12

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4: 12

Have you ever had to do something hard all by yourself?  Did you wish that you could be part of a team instead of being alone?  Jesus had to do the hardest thing in the world—take God’s punishment for our sins—alone.  That doesn’t mean Jesus was all alone all the time.  He had twelve special friends that he spent lots of time with.  How much do you know about Jesus’s 12 disciples?

Who was originally a follower of John the Baptist? 
Andrew.  When he heard John the Baptist say that Jesus was the Messiah, he went and got his brother Simon to meet Jesus also.  (John 1: 35-42)

What did Jesus change Simon’s name to? 
Peter, which means rock.  Peter wasn’t solid yet, but Jesus re-named him for the pillar of the Christian church that he would become.  (John 1: 42)

Andrew and Peter were brothers.  Who were the other pair of brothers? 
James and John were working on their father’s fishing boat when Jesus called them to follow him.  They, along with Peter, were Jesus three closest friends.  (Mark 1: 19-20)

After Philip met Jesus, he went to tell his friend Nathanael that Jesus from Nazareth was the Messiah.  What did Nathanael say? 
He said that nothing good ever came out of the town of Nazareth!  But he did decide to go check out Jesus and became a disciple.  (John 1: 43-51)

Which disciple was a tax collector? 
Matthew (or Levi) was sitting in his booth one day when Jesus said, “Follow me.”  Matthew left everything behind and followed Jesus.  (Matthew 9: 9-11))

Which disciple was willing to go to Jerusalem to die with Jesus, but he couldn’t believe Jesus rose from the dead without proof? 
Thomas (John 11: 16 and John 20: 24—29)

Jesus didn’t live alone; he had friends.  He doesn’t want us to do life alone either.  We are all part of his team—the Christ Team!

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