Episode Theme

Community-Building: Being open to God’s plan.

Memory Verse

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Have you ever wondered about God’s timing?  Time for a Bible Quiz on God’s Timing!

Question 1:  Philip was telling lots of people about Christ when suddenly God sent him to walk along a lonely road.  (Acts  8) Why?

Question 2:  Paul was preaching in the busy market of Philippi when he was thrown into jail. (Acts 16)  Why would God allow that?

Question 3:  Jesus got news that his good friend Lazarus was very sick, but Jesus didn’t change his plans.  (John 11)  Why wouldn’t Jesus heal his friend?

How did you do?  God’s timing was perfect for Philip to be walking along a desert road when a very important man from Ethiopia came driving along.  After Philip told the man about Jesus and baptized him, the man traveled back to Ethiopia, bringing the gospel to another country (Ethiopia) and a new continent (Africa).  Paul didn’t waste his time in jail; he prayed and sang songs to God so loudly that the other prisoners listened to him.  Then Paul witnessed about Jesus to the head jailer and his family.  Imagine all the people a Christian jailer could talk to about Jesus—both prisoners and their visitors!  Jesus didn’t heal Lazarus from his disease; Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead!  Many of the people who were there to comfort Lazarus’ family instead met Jesus and believed in him.  We were given this truth:  Jesus is the resurrection and the life. Who believes in Jesus will live even though he dies. (John 11: 25)

What about you?  The next time God seems slow to act….or you are delayed from doing something you want to do….or the timing of something just seems odd….look for God.  God always has a reason for his plan and for his timing.  Be on the look out for what God may be planning to do through you today!

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