Everything Old is New Again

Episode Theme

Beauty-Creating. God makes all things new!

Memory Verse

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, that person is a new creation.  The old has gone, the new is here!

Time for a Bible quiz on names! These Bible people all had their names changed. Can you give the new name and (here's the tricky part) why the name was changed?

1. Abram_____________

2. Sarai_____________

3. Jacob_____________

4. Simon_____________

5. Saul_____________

How did you do?  God changed Abram’s and Sarai’s names to Abraham and Sarah when God made a new covenant with them.  God said Abraham would be the father of many nations.  (Gen. 17:4-5) By giving them new names, God made it clear that they had a very special relationship.

Jacob spent a night wrestling with God.  God changed Jacob’s name to Israel when Jacob asked for God’s blessing.  The name change showed God’s blessing on Jacob and on his children.  (Gen 32: 26-28)

Simon was a fisherman.  When Jesus called Simon to leave his nets and become a disciple, he changed Simon’s name to Peter, which means “rock.”  Jesus was naming him for what he would someday become for the early Christian church. (John 1:42)

Saul had two names.  Saul was his Jewish name that he used when he hunted early Christians.  After meeting God, Saul’s life was entirely changed.  As he set out to preach about Jesus to non-Jewish people, the Bible switches to his other name, Paul. (Acts 13:9)

Why did all of these people receive new names after meeting God?  God gives us pictures to help us understand his love for us.  A new name is a reminder that life before God is gone and this wonderful new life with him has begun.  Did you know that when you accepted Jesus, he also gave you a new name to show your new life in him?  Do you know your new name?  It’s Christian.  Wear your new name well and enjoy your new life in Jesus!

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