Forget about It

Episode Theme

Justice-Seeking: Tearing up a list of wrongs

Memory Verse

1 Corinthians 13:4-5

Love keeps no record of wrongs.

Have you ever heard the Bible verse “Love keeps no record of wrongs?” Do you know what that means? Time for a Bible Quiz!

Question 1: Did God abandon Adam and Eve after they sinned in the Garden of Eden? 

Question 2: Did God abandon Abraham when he lied?

Question 3: Did God abandon Moses after he killed an Egyptian? 

Question 4: Does God abandon you when you sin?

The answer is NO! God does not give up on us—he sent his own Son to pay the price for our sins. Jesus gave up his throne in heaven, came to live on earth, and willingly died on the cross just to bring us back to his Father. Jesus has promised that no matter what we may have done or said or thought, he has the power to forgive us and to restore us. 

This means that when we sin, we may ask for forgiveness because of Christ, and we know that God will forgive us and help us not to sin like that again. These are all facts. What is our grateful response?

If God is willing to forgive us, shouldn’t we try to be more like God and forgive others?  If we don’t forgive, if we keep thinking about someone else’s sin, if we hold their sin against them, we are not acting like God at all. God promises to “forget” our sins after we have been forgiven—he never holds past sins against us, so how can we hold past sins against others? 

“Love keeps no record of wrongs” is our grateful gift to God. We don’t keep remembering when someone else has messed up—we give it to God and forget it. When we look at someone who has sinned, we don’t think about their past sins, we think about how we can love them!

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