God of Wonders

Episode Theme

Creation-Enjoying: God is the God of All Things

Memory Verse

Psalm 104:24

Lord, you have made so many things! How wise you were when you made all of them! The earth is full of your creatures.

God created everything—from the heavens and the earth to computers.  Do you know what the very best computer that God created is?  It’s the human brain!  When do you use your brain?  Here are some facts about our brains:

  • The human brain’s maximum weight (when you are about 20 years old) is about 3 pounds.
  • The human brain has 100,000 chemical reactions every second.
  • The human brain is between 70 and 80% water.
  • The human brain is grayish pink.
  • The human brain can record over 86 million bits of information every day.
  • The human brain is made up of more than 30 billion working parts.
  • The human brain does not feel pain.  A headache is not the brain, but the nerves and muscles next to it.

What about you?  God didn’t create all bodies and brains to be exactly the same.  You are an original; no one else in the whole world is exactly like you.  What is special about you?  Try writing 3 things that God made special about you.

1. ________________________________________.
2. ________________________________________.
3. ________________________________________.

Today—right now—take time to thank God for your powerful brain and for making you who you are!

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