Kind of Kind

Episode Theme

Community-Building: Catching kindness.

Memory Verse

2 Timothy 2:24

The Lord’s servants must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone.

What does it mean to be kind to someone? Does kindness include both words and actions? Can it include not doing something? It's time for a Bible Quiz on Kindness!

Question 1: How did Joseph treat his brothers after they had almost killed him and sold him as a slave? (Genesis 45)

Question 2: Another slave, Daniel, also worked for several kings. How did he treat the king that made him a slave and the king that threw him into a den of lions? (Daniel 2,6)

Question 3: Elizabeth's cousin Mary arrived without warning for a visit. Mary was not married but was pregnant. How did Elizabeth treat her younger cousin? (Luke 1: 39-45)

Question 4: Paul and Silas had been whipped, beaten, chained, and jailed. How did they treat the man in charge of keeping them in jail? (Acts 16: 22-34)

How did you do? Joseph was a powerful man in Egypt when he met his brothers again. After testing them, Joseph gladly forgave them and provided food and shelter for them and their families. Daniel faithfully and wisely served every king, no matter what they did to him. Elizabeth welcomed her cousin and believed Mary's story about being chosen to carry the Messiah. Paul and Silas remained at the jail even after they were set free just to tell the man in charge of the jail about Jesus. The man and his family became Christians because of Paul and Silas.

What about you? These Bible people were probably also kind to people they loved. But the Bible tells us about the times they were kind to people who were unkind to them. It's easy to be kind to nice people, but we are told to be kind to everyone--nice or not. Today, be kind to everyone! It's what God wants us to do!

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