Landslide (Scooter, Part 2)

Episode Theme

Community-Building: Putting other people's needs before our own.

Memory Verse

Ephesians 4:2

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Picture this scene: It is the middle of the night. The sky is black. Jesus is in a garden. He knows that in a few hours he will be arrested, beaten, mocked, and finally killed. He understands that great suffering lies ahead of him, and he is praying to God about it.

Jesus isn't alone. He has his friends, his disciples. Jesus has asked one thing of his friends on this terrible night. He has asked the disciples to stay awake with him while he talks to God about his fears. What do Jesus' friends do? They have been with Jesus for 3 years, so they should know how to comfort him. Do they? No. Do they pray for Jesus? No. What do they do? They fall asleep. Three times Jesus finds his best friends sleeping. Three times they let Jesus down when he is so worried and so alone.

Only God does not abandon Jesus. He listens to Jesus. He gives Jesus strength to endure what will happen. God, alone, did not disappoint Jesus.

Have you ever been disappointed by a friend? Has anyone ever let you down? Have you disappointed your friends? In this whole world, there is only one person who is never too busy or too forgetful or too sleepy to let us down. Can you guess who it is? Yes, God promises that He is always available to each one of us. So, in the middle of the darkest night, in the middle of a huge problem you can't solve, in the middle of a great day, God is right there with you. When you need to talk to him, tell him. He won't let you down.

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