Loaves and Fishes

Episode Theme

Community-Building: Showing Jesus's love.

Memory Verse

Matthew 28:19

Go and make disciples of all nations.

1 Corinthians 10:31

Do you ever wonder about what job you’ll have when you grow up? Do you ever think about what kind of job God would like you to have? Actually, God values all kinds of jobs because there are so many different jobs needed to take care of the world that he created. How many different jobs can you think of that are in the Bible?

Here are some examples of the jobs that believers of God had in the Bible:

Shepherd: Remember how the shepherds saw the baby Jesus first?

King: Have you read about kings like Saul, David, and Solomon?

Soldier: Joshua led the Israelite soldiers around the city of Jericho, and the walls fell down.

Doctor: Have you ever heard of Luke? Not only did he write a book, he was a doctor too.

Farmer: Many of Jesus’ stories were about planting seeds and harvesting crops.

Priest: Today, we also use the word ministers. Samuel was a priest who spoke with God and then let the people know what God was thinking.

Tax Collector: One of Jesus’ disciples collected money for the government.

Fishermen: Peter, Andrew, James, and John were called from their fishing boats to follow Jesus.

Carpenter: Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, was a carpenter.

God values all work that is done to glorify him. He takes what we do and how we do it very seriously. If we grumble or do not do our work, God is not pleased. Whatever you do, both now and when you are an adult, do everything to honor God. He’ll be thrilled with your efforts.

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