Meet Gerald Drippan

Episode Theme

Community-Building. Choosing Friends

Memory Verse

Proverbs 13:20

Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.

It's time for a personal quiz!

Question 1: Name one of your best friends.

Question 2: Now choose 3 words to describe this friend.

Question 3: How would your friend describe you?

Friends. What would we do without our friends? In the Bible, Jonathan and David were best friends. There was just one little problem: Jonathan's father hated David so much that he wanted to kill David. Okay, maybe that isn't a small problem. Maybe that is a huge, gigantic problem that hopefully you and your friends will never face.

Are you curious about what Jonathan and David did about this problem? They could have done several things. They could have stopped being friends. They could have had a fight about how unfair Jonathan's dad (who was the king, by the way) was being to David.

What did each friend do? The Bible says that Jonathan gave David the very clothes and sword that he was wearing. Jonathan warned David that his father was angry with David and wanted to kill him. Jonathan tried to make his father promise not to hurt David.

And David? He never blamed Jonathan for what Jonathan's father was doing. After Jonathan died in a battle, David always made sure that Jonathan's handicapped son was well taken care of. Both Jonathan and David promised each other that in the name of the Lord, their friendship would last forever between them and between their future children.

Our aim in friendship should be like Jonathan and David: to not let other people destroy our friendship, to do our very best for each other, and to make sure that God is part of our friendship. Be kind to your friend today!

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