Morrie the Samaritan

Episode Theme

Justice-Seeking. Being a Good Samaritan

Memory Verse

Luke 10:27

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Put yourself in his shoes. You are a nice ordinary Jewish person who needs to travel from Jerusalem to Jericho. Because the trip is about 17 miles, you start walking early in the morning. You are making good time. Suddenly, you hear a noise. Men jump out into the road ahead of you. They grab you. They strip away your good coat. They beat you and leave you in the middle of the road. Before you pass out, you wonder if this is the end.

Bleeding and hurt, you sense someone coming down the road. You don’t have the energy to call out. Please help, you try to whisper. The person—a priest--doesn’t stop. He hurries away from you. You hear footsteps again. Please, you whisper, I’m hurt. This man, another Jewish religious man, walks around you quickly and continues on his way.

You do not hear the next man approaching. This man is a Samaritan. Jews and Samaritans absolutely despise each other. Why would he bother to help? But he stops when he sees you. Tenderly, he puts oil and bandages on your wounds. He takes you to an inn, where he pays the innkeeper to care for you until you are well.

Actually, this never really happened. This was a story that Jesus told to his followers. Why did Jesus create this story? Two reasons:

  • To remind us that if we need help, God may send an unusual person to save us. We need to look for God’s answers to our prayers in unexpected places.
  • To remind us that we are to stop and help whenever we see one of God’s children in trouble. It doesn’t matter how bloody or yucky, we need to stop and help.

Firefighter’s say “Stop, Drop, and Roll,” Christian should say “See, Stop, and Help!”

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