My Fellow Reptarians

Episode Theme

Image-Reflecting: Known by their actions.

Memory Verse

Proverbs 20:11

Even small children are known by their actions, so is their conduct really pure and upright?

Isaiah 53:1-6

Do you want to be popular? To be popular, do you need to be athletic? Attractive? Smart? Funny? Rich? Television commercials want to show us exactly what to do and what to buy in order to be successful. A lot of money is spent on commercials every year telling us exactly how to achieve popularity.

If you were God, and you were about ready to present your only Son to the world, how would you do it? Would you run an expensive advertising campaign? Write some catchy songs? Use trumpets? What about a lightning display all over the world? What would your only Son look like? Would the Messiah be strong, handsome, and rich? Most of the world would want their Savior to be the biggest, the strongest, and the best.

But God doesn’t do things the way that humans do. God doesn’t value popularity; he values love. God doesn’t need “the best;” he already is. God doesn’t look at the outside to see how smart, popular, or strong we are (thank goodness!!), he looks on the inside to see if we love him, if we are hurting, and if we want him in our life. That’s why God’s son was born quietly in a stable near a small town of a tiny country with only some shepherds given the news. By the world’s standards, Jesus was not successful or popular.

The world asks of us, do you want to be popular? Maybe a better question is, do you want to live eternally with God? Do you want to feel loved and accepted for who you really are? Then choose God. It’s that simple!

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