New School

Episode Theme

Justice-Seeking: Radical forgiveness.

Memory Verse

John 12:26

Whoever serves me must follow me.

Have you ever had to go to a brand new school? That's scary. Not only don't you know where to go, but you don't know anyone. How do you meet other Christians in a brand new place? Time for a Bible Quiz on traveling to brand new places.

Question 1: Who is it? One time, when he couldn't find anyone who seemed to know anything about God, he went for a walk by a river. There he met a group of women. Did he tell them about Jesus?

Question 2: Who is it? He was captured as a slave and sent to work in another country. The king chose him to be an advisor. Did he ever tell the king that he worshiped only God?

Question 3: Who is it? She lived in a country where people who worshiped God were hated. Then the king chose her to be queen. Then he decided to kill all the Jews in their county. Did she ever tell the king that she worshiped only God?

How did you do? Paul was the missionary who traveled everywhere to tell others about Jesus. Usually, he would seek out Jews first (since they already knew about God but not about Jesus). In Philippi, he couldn't find any Jewish people so he went for a walk. God directed him to talk to Lydia and her friends about Christ.

Daniel never wavered in living his life for God's honor-no matter where he lived or what job he had. He introduced King Nebuchadnezzar and King Darius to the one true God.

Esther saved all of the Jewish people in her country by going to the king and asking him to change his mind. He listened to her and stopped all persecution of people who worshiped God.

What about you? The next time you have to go to a brand new place, be on the look out for other Christians. Don't stop following God-you just may lead someone to know Jesus our Savior!

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