No Other Gods

Episode Theme

God-Worshiping: 10 Commandments #1 - No Other Gods

Memory Verse

Exodus 20:1-3

You shall have no other gods before me.

Julie has a little spare tire hanging in her bedroom. Can you guess why?

Julie was so excited when she got her very first car. She drove everywhere. She soon realized that driving her car all the time meant she needed lots of gasoline. No problem. She decided to get a part-time job on Saturdays to pay for gas.

Her plan worked fine until the insurance bill for her car arrived. How to pay? Julie decided if she quit playing basketball, she could earn more money to pay for the insurance bill.

Then she heard a pinging noise in the car's engine. That little noise somehow meant a huge expensive problem. Now she needed even more money to keep her car running, and she needed it fast. She figured she could get up early in the morning and get another job before school. Or maybe she could skip church on Sundays and work then. God would understand.

More and more hours to work to keep her car running. There was hardly anytime for school between jobs. There was no time to enjoy her car. And then...CRASH! Julie was so tired one early morning, she ran into a fence. Her wonderful car was a total wreck. Julie was fine, but the only thing left from her car was the little spare tire.

Julie hung the tire in her bedroom as a reminder to herself. She never wants to let a car become the master of her life again. It's just too hard. Now that she's back to riding the school bus, she has more time for everything.

Do you need to hang a reminder in your bedroom? Is there anything that has become #1 for you? If your #1 is not God, it will ruin your life. Make God your #1, and everything will fall into place. Just ask Julie.

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