Obedience Class

Episode Theme

God-Worshiping: Obedience

Memory Verse

1 Samuel 15:22

To obey is better than sacrifice.

John 14:22

Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching.

Luke 11:38

How important is obeying God? What does God think about obedience? Time for a quick Bible Quiz on Obeying!

Question 1: Who was the first king ever of Israel?
(1 Samuel 10:1)

Question 2: Who had "the spirit of God come upon him in power?"
(1 Samuel 11:6)

Question 3: Who was told to wait for Samuel to make an offering to God before a huge battle?
(1 Samuel 13: 7-8)

Question 4: Who didn't wait for Samuel and instead make the offering himself?
(1 Samuel 9-12)

Question 5: What did Samuel say about this disobedient act?
(1 Samuel 13:13-14)

Question 6: Who was told to destroy everything belonging to the wicked Amelekites?
(1 Samuel 15: 1-3)

Question 7: Who didn't obey this order?
(1 Samuel 15: 8-11)

How did you do? The answer to each question was the same person: King Saul. When God chose Saul to be the very first king of God's people, he required only one thing from Saul. God didn't tell Saul to be the smartest, bravest, or the tallest. God told Saul to obey. That was it. All King Saul had to do was to obey God's instructions, usually given to him through the priest named Samuel.

King Saul obeyed at first. Then, he repeatedly ignored God's instructions. Samuel tried to warn King Saul that his disobedience would cut him off from God. What did God do about Saul's disobedience? He told Saul that he would no longer be with him and that Saul's son would never be king of Israel. Then God chose a new king-David.

What does God want from us? Obedience. Not because we "have" to obey, but because we want to obey God. Give God the gift of obeying him. You'll make his day!

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