On One Condition

Episode Theme

Community-Building: Bad company corrupts good character.

Memory Verse

Proverbs 12:26

The righteous choose their friends carefully.

Daniel 4:17

Have you ever met people who put conditions on their friendship, as in “I’ll be your friend, if you….?” Then you should meet Daniel; he had lots of experience with “conditions.”

Daniel was sent to live and to work in the king’s palace—on one condition: he eat royal food. The problem with this condition was that the royal food was first offered to idols. Daniel, a follower of God, politely refused to eat the food, offered to eat something else, and God blessed him.

One day the king had a weird dream. He decreed that his advisors could continue living, on one condition: they tell him what he had dreamed and what the dream meant. While others were freaking out, Daniel asked God to help. God told Daniel the dream, the meaning, and gave him the opportunity to talk to the king.

Another time this same king built an idol of gold that was 90 feet high and commanded everyone to bow down and worship it. Some friends of Daniel got entangled in this condition: bow and live or refuse and die. They chose allegiance to God alone and did not bow to the idol. They were tossed into a fiery furnace, rescued by an angel, and lived to tell the King about God.

Still another time, Daniel was told to stop praying to God or be thrown into a den of hungry lions. Daniel chose to pray, and was tossed to the lions, rescued by an angel, and lived to tell another king about God.

Daniel and his friends faced a lot of “conditions” in their lives—these conditions were serious, as in “do this or die!” Each time a condition was given to them that involved dishonoring God, they politely refused. They turned to God for help. Each time God rescued them. It’s the same for us. The next time someone gives you a “condition”—ask yourself if this condition honors God and ask his help in making a wise choice. Sometimes “Daring to be a Daniel” means saying YES! to God and NO! to conditions.

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