Outbreak! (Epic Story-2)

Episode Theme

Order-Discovering: The creation is broken.

Memory Verse

Romans 5:12

 . . . sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin.

What is sin?  Is it doing bad things?  Is it not doing good things?  Is it poor choices or words?  What is sin?  Time for a quiz on Bible People’s sins!

Question 1:  Abraham sinned when he was living in Egypt, and even Pharoah knew about it.  What did Abraham do that was so bad?  (Genesis 12)

Question 2:  Peter felt horrible when he realized that he had sinned and hurt Jesus.  What did Peter do?  (Luke 22)

Question 4:  Who brought sin into our world in the first place?  Was it God?  (Genesis 3)

How did you do?  There was a famine where Abraham lived so he moved his family down to Egypt, but then he got scared.  Sarah was so beautiful that Abraham thought the Pharaoh might want her for a princess, so Abraham lied and said that Sarah wasn’t his wife and let Pharaoh take her into the palace.  At this point, God protected Sarah by making Pharaoh sick until he gave Sarah back to Abraham.

On the night Jesus was arrested, Peter followed to see what would happen.  Three times, people asked Peter if he was friends with Jesus.  Three times, Peter said, “No!  I don’t know Jesus!”  The last time he said, “No!”, Jesus heard Peter’s words.

God didn’t make sin.  Adam and Eve were given one command:  eat of any tree in the beautiful garden except for one tree.  They were tempted to eat of that forbidden tree; when they did eat from it, sin, disease, death all entered God’s perfect world.

What is sin?  It is turning away from God.  It’s not trusting God.  It’s putting ourselves in God’s place and running our own lives.  When we choose to trust ourselves and not God, we sin…..and the result is never good.  Just ask Abraham, Peter, or Eve!

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