Past Imperfect

Episode Theme

Justice-Seeking: Fighting against gossip

Memory Verse

James 3:5

Likewise the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark.

What is extremely powerful-either for good or for evil-and belongs to each one of us? Here are some hints that come straight from the Bible:

Hint 1: It is like the "bit" that a horse wears to make him obey the rider.

Hint 2: It is like the rudder that steers a great big ship.

Hint 3: It is as powerful as a small spark that can set an entire forest on fire.

Hint 4: Both good and bad come out of it.

Hint 5: We each have one, but none of us are able to control it or its power.

What is it? The tongue! James wrote almost an entire chapter in his book in the Bible about the power of our tongues-actually, about the power of our words. James didn't just say that our words have the ability to help or to tear down-he painted pictures of what our words can do.

Picture a huge horse ridden by a much smaller person. How does the person control this huge animal? With a very small bit. Now picture you-what controls you? It is your tongue?

Now picture a huge forest fire. How did it start? With a small spark. Now think about words that you have said to someone-have your words ever spread to others as fast as a fire? That's called gossip!

Finally, picture a spring with gushing water out of it. One minute, the water is clear and cold. Then next minute, the water turns muddy and disgusting. Have your words ever gone from good to disgusting that fast?

All these pictures remind us of the power of our words. What we say can help someone or destroy someone. Can we control our words all by ourselves? No way! What do we do? Never speak again? Just the opposite-before speaking to another person, talk to God first to ask if the words you are about to say will build or destroy. Speak to God first-it's the best way to control our tongues!

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