Patrol of the Year

Episode Theme

Justice-Seeking: Mercy or Judgment?

Memory Verse

James 2:13

Mercy triumphs over judgment.

Which is harder? Following the rules or being kind to someone? Which is more important? Jesus told this story to help us figure it out:

There once was a king who was willing to loan his servants money when they needed it. One day the king decided to collect all of the money that was owed to him. He called one servant who owed the king millions of dollars (imagine, owing millions of dollars to someone). The king said, "Pay up." But the man did not have the money. The king said, "No money? You must sell all you own to pay me back. If that is not enough, then you and your family must be sold as slaves."

The servant fell on his knees in front of the king and begged, "Please, give me more time. I'll pay everything back."

The king felt sorry for the man. He completely forgave all the money that was owed to him and let the servant go home. The king forgave millions of dollars that was rightfully his. Wow!

Unfortunately, the servant didn't understand what had just happened. On his way home with his good news, he met a friend who owed him a few dollars. He grabbed his friend and demanded his money back. When the friend begged for more time, what do you think the servant did? Did he do as the king had just done for him? No, he threw the friend into prison because of a few dollars.

He didn't get it. Sometimes we don't get it either. Not one of us can follow God's rules perfectly. We all mess up. It's amazing that God is willing to be so kind to us when we keep breaking his rules. That's why he expects the same of us-to keep being kind to others even when they are breaking the rules. Act like the king; be kind. It's what God does every day.

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