Running In Circles

Episode Theme

Justice-Seeking: God uncovers sin.

Memory Verse

Hebrews 4:13

Nothing God created is hidden from him. His eyes see everything. He will hold us accountable for everything we do.

Have you ever done something that no one but you knew about? Have you ever messed up and thought that no one but you had to know? Time for a Bible quiz on Hidden Mess-ups!

Question 1: He fell in love with a married woman and had her husband killed so that he could marry her. (II Samuel 11)
Question 2: He ran away rather than tell people in Ninevah about God. (Jonah 1)
Question 3: She laughed in her tent when she heard God's words about her future. (Genesis 18)

How did you do? King David had everything: money, wives, palaces, God's blessings. But when he saw Bathsheba, he wanted her too even though she was another man's wife. Jonah ran away from God rather than give the people of Nineveh as chance to repent. Sarah laughed in disbelief when God said she would have a baby.

What did these people have in common? They all thought what they were doing was their private secret. No one else knew. No one knew what David had done because he was sneaky. No one on the ship knew Jonah or why he was there. Sarah was alone in her tent when she laughed.

They were wrong. Someone did know. Who? God. God sent a prophet to tell David that God knew everything. David immediately repented. God sent a storm and a fish after Jonah. Jonah repented and traveled to Nineveh to tell them about God. God immediately asked why Sarah was laughing. When her son was born a year later, Sarah named him Isaac, which means "laughter".

What about you? Do you have any secrets? Are you carrying any hidden sin around? Hidden sins are heavy and hurtful. Hidden sins are not hidden from God at all. What should you do? Tell God right away. Ask for his forgiveness. Ask for his courage to tell others what you did and accept the punishment. Living out in the open is the best way to live!

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