Sunday Selfie Superstar

Episode Theme

Image-Reflecting. Show that you are a Christian.

Memory Verse

Romans 12:3

I realize how kind God has been to me, and so I tell each of you not to think you are better than you really are. Use good sense and measure yourself by the amount of faith that God has given you.


Intro: Before listening, think about:

1. In Romans 12:3, Paul is writing to the Christians in Rome and he encourages them to encourages us to “use good sense and measure yourself by the amount of faith that God has given you.” What does it mean to use good sense? Why do you think Paul recommends we measure ourselves by the amount of faith God has given us?

2.  In Luke 18:9-14, Jesus told a story about two men: a religious Jew, called a Pharisee, and a sinful tax collector. The Pharisee was a showoff. He made sure that everyone around him heard his prayer. He praised himself at the same time that he disrespected the tax collector. The tax collector was humble. He separated himself from everyone and couldn’t even look up to heaven as he asked God for forgiveness. Then Jesus said, “When the two men went home, it was the tax collector and not the Pharisee who was pleasing to God.  If you put yourself above others, you will be put down.  But if you humble yourself, you will be honored." Think about the actions of the Pharisee and the tax collector as you listen to today’s program.

Now, listen to “Sunday Selfie Superstar.”


Story Summary

All of Terrene is clicking away and making duck faces, trying to capture the best selfie! Liz is confident that he’ll win the contest, until a long-forgotten figure from his past returns! Say cheese!

Story Quiz

  1. Which two characters call themselves “the Selfie King” or “King of Selfies”?
  2. Why does Liz want a selfie with Grandma Basilisk?
  3. Which character tells Liz that his selfies should tell his Christian story?
  4. Whose selfie showed the truth of what happened on Selfie Sunday?


In this episode, Kayla said, “Selfies are about being beautiful, showing off fancy clothes, and wearing the proper lipstick.” Spike said, “Looks to me like lizards are just taking weird photos of themselves and hoping that other lizards like them.” Why do you think people do selfies?  Like Spike, some people see a selfie and make an opinion based one what they see. It may not be right, but people judge you and your family by the pictures you are in and what your family posts. Do your family’s pictures and posts show that you all are a Christian? Don’t keep your faith quiet or hide it. Instead, as a famous Christian once said, “Preach the gospel and when necessary, use words.”

Want to dig deeper and explore what scripture says about how to show Christian faith? Check out Galatians 6:9; Colossians 3:17; James 4:17; James 2:26; Hebrews 10:24.


What does a Christian look like?

Browse through pictures that your family has put on social media. What do these pictures reflect about your family? Do they represent your Christian faith?

Next, think about ways future social media pictures can share your faith. Think about ways you could share pictures that show what you do as Christians.  Show pictures of you worshiping God in your daily life. Show ways that you help out in the community.

Answers to Story Quiz

1. Liz and Skink.  2. He thinks it will be the most popular selfie of all time and help him win the competition. 3. Lucille.  4. Kayla’s selfies.

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