Team Roaring Reptiles

Episode Theme

Justice-Seeking: Playing Fair in Sports

Memory Verse

Proverbs 12:22

The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in those who tell the truth.

Who really should have won the following contests? If you didn't already know the story, whom would you choose as the winner?

  1. David vs. Goliath: A teenager armed with a slingshot goes up against a 9 foot tall soldier with lots of weapons.
  2. Moses vs. Pharaoh: A scared runaway has to tell the mightiest king in the world to set the Israelites slaves free.
  3. Joshua vs. people of Jericho: A small group of people have to conquer a city protected by its thick walls.

The winners seem obvious. Why would anyone choose the teenager to win against a giant soldier who has killed people before? Moses had run away from Egypt and he was still afraid to go back. He was afraid to talk to Pharaoh. He was afraid his own people wouldn't listen to him. He was scared of what God was asking him to do. Who would pick him over a very powerful king with a mighty army? When Joshua approached the city of Jericho, he could see how thick the walls were. There was no way he could get though these walls. He knew it. The people in Jericho knew it. Why would someone choose him to win when his only plan was to march around the city every day?

What made them the winners then? Can you guess? Yes, God made all the difference. Do you see another pattern with these winners? They all trusted God. They all believed in God and followed His instructions. None of them tried to win alone. They knew they couldn't win their battles without God.

Nothing has changed. The winners are the people who still follow God. They don't try to win on their own. The losers think they can do everything without God. Today, are you going to be a winner or a loser? Follow God, and the choice is easy.

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