The Great Jewel Heist

Episode Theme

Justice-Seeking: Benefit of the doubt.

Memory Verse

Ephesians 2:4

Be patient, bearing with one another in love.

What does it mean to be "quick to judge?" Why does the Bible warn against it? Time for a Bible quiz on judging others!

Question 1: Who led several hundred thousand people out of Egypt? What were his qualifications to do this job? (Exodus 12)

Question 2: Which king received this promise from God: your kingdom will last forever? Why did this king deserve this promise? (2 Samuel 23)

Question 3: Who wrote most of the New Testament books and brought the news of Jesus to Gentiles? Why was he chosen? (Acts 9)

How did you do? Did you know all these heroes of faith and their outstanding qualifications? Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt on God's command. What was he doing before that job? He was living way, way, way out in the desert taking care of his sheep. He was living in the desert because he murdered an Egyptian man and had to run away from Egyptian authorities.

David was the king whose kingdom would last forever. This promise was fulfilled through Jesus, who was a great-great-grandson of David. What did David do to be given this promise? He started out a shepherd boy. He spent years hiding in caves from King Saul. He murdered a man just to marry the man's wife. He didn't raise his children very well-they rebelled against him.

Paul wrote many books in the New Testament and traveled everywhere he could to spread the good news of Jesus. Before that, he persecuted Christians by arresting them and hurting them. He even held the cloaks of those who threw stones at Stephen and killed him.

Why are these men heroes of faith? None of them deserve that title. But they were all chosen by God for his purposes. God looked at their hearts, not their outward appearance or their actions. God chose them.

Be careful about judging other people-we can't see their hearts like God does. The next person you write off just may be a future leader for God!

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