The Order of the Gator

Episode Theme

Servant-Working. Giving

Memory Verse

Luke 6:38

Give and it will be given to you.

Which of the following would God appreciate more?

Number 1: Jordan Millionaire gives 500 million dollars to create a new hospital named The Jordan Millionaire Cancer Hospital.

Number 2: Hunter helps a classmate understand the math assignment one night on the phone.

What do you think? If the question were "Which gift is the flashiest?" or "Which gift is more well-known?" the answer might be easier. But the question is which would God appreciate more? That's much harder to answer.

God can do anything. He is so powerful that there is absolutely nothing He can't do. Any good thing we can do, God can do a thousand times better. Maybe that's why He cares more about why we do things-both good and bad. To answer the question, we would need to know why Jordan and Hunter helped. If Jordan gave the money for the glory and the great stories about the gift, God won't be impressed. If Hunter helped just because the classmate asked, God will be delighted.

It's not the gift, it's why the gift was given that's important. God doesn't enjoy watching us show off with our giving. When we do that, our reward is other people's attention, not God's. God does enjoy watching (and helping) us help other people just because they need help and we can help them. Sometimes it's easy for us to help others; sometimes it's difficult; sometimes it's even scary to help. As Christians, we are called to help others for the right reasons. Today, as your gift to God, help someone.

Today, as my gift to God, I will help ____________________ by ____________________.

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