The Problem with Pride

Episode Theme

Community-Building: Love is not proud (1 Corinthians 13:4).

Memory Verse

Proverbs 16:18

If you are proud, you will be destroyed. If you are proud, you will fall.

What do you know about pride? Have you ever heard the saying “Pride goes before a fall”? What does pride have to do with falling? Maybe Haman’s story will help explain the problem with pride.

Haman worked for King Xerxes. King Xerxes gave him a seat of honor and told all the royal officials that when Haman walked by, they were to kneel down to pay honor to Haman. Can you imagine—everyone getting down on their knees and saying wonderful things about you every time you walked by them? Haman loved it! He loved it so much that his pride took over.

Life was grand for Haman….until he noticed one day that a pesky Jewish man named Mordecai didn’t kneel. Mordecai was a nobody, while Haman was the second most important man in the kingdom. Haman’s pride was so huge that instead of enjoying all the other praises, he focused only on Mordecai’s refusal to bow down.

Haman became consumed by his need to destroy Mordecai, but even that wasn’t enough to satisfy his pride. Haman decided he would destroy Mordecai and every Jewish person in the entire kingdom. He had the perfect plan, and it would have worked except he ran into the LORD, the God of the Jews. Within days, not only did Haman have to personally swallow his pride and publically honor Mordecai (seems Mordecai had recently saved the king’s life), but when King Xerxes found out about Haman’s secret plan to wipe out Mordecai and his people, he had Haman put to death.

Haman had it all—wealth, honor, the King’s delight—but he lost it all—even his life—because of his pride. Pride consumes us. Pride tells us we don’t need God. Pride separates us from God and destroys us! Just ask Haman: his pride led to a gigantic fall!

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