The Seventh Commandment

Episode Theme

Justice-Seeking: The 7th Commandment. Broken Promises

Memory Verse

Exodus 20:14

Do not commit adultery.

Have you ever wanted something so much you would do almost anything to get it? Would you be willing to lie? Steal? Kill? If you've ever been tempted, you should hear David's story:

"I was King David, the king of Israel-God's chosen king. I loved serving God. I loved God, but then it happened. My army was out fighting our enemies. Usually I was fighting with them, but this time I was at home. I was feeling bored so I went out on the roof of my palace. That's when I saw her. Bathsheba. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I loved her. I wanted her to be mine.

Unfortunately, Bathsheba was already married-to Uriah, one of my own soldiers. But I wanted her so much that I did something terrible. I ordered her husband to be sent to the very fiercest fighting where he was sure to be killed. My order was followed and Uriah died in battle, a hero for Israel. Bathsheba was now free. I married her as fast as I could. I thought no one knew what I had done.

Wrong! God knew. God sent a prophet to tell me God knew. When I realized that God knew everything, I was flooded with guilt and shame. What had I done? I lied. I stole. I murdered an innocent man!

I immediately confessed to God all that I had done. I asked for his forgiveness. God forgave me and never stopped loving me. Punishment? Oh yes, I faced consequences for what I had done. My own sons did similar things and ripped my family apart. God's forgiveness did not erase the consequences of my actions.

My advice to you is if you are ever tempted by something you want so badly-RUN AWAY! If you do give in to what tempts you, confess to God immediately. Ask for his forgiveness and face the consequences with Him at your side."


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