The Stowaway (Scooter, Part 1)

Episode Theme

Community Building. Showing people kindness.

Memory Verse

Ephesians 4:32a

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another...

It's time for a quick Bible quiz. The following Bible people had problems, big problems, but they are all mixed up. Can you match the Bible person with the correct problem and then name the wonderful solution provided by God?

  1. Joshua vs. Goliath the giant
  2. Moses vs. being thrown into jail
  3. David vs. city of Jericho
  4. Peter vs. no food to eat

How did you do? Joshua's problem was how to conquer the walled city of

Jericho, where no one could get in or out. God told Joshua to march everyone around the city for 7 days; on the 7th day, the walls fell down. (Joshua 6:1-5) Moses and the Israelites had no food in the desert until God rained down manna in the mornings and sent quail (small birds) to eat. (Exodus 16:1-4) David was a young man going against a huge, nasty giant, but David also had God on his side. It took just a slingshot and a rock to kill Goliath. (I Samuel 17:45-49) Peter was thrown into jail for preaching the good news of Jesus, but God sent an angel to lead Peter right out of that jail. (Acts 12: 6-10)

These Bible people all had big problems that scared them, but they also knew and trusted that God would provide answers. What about you? Can you write down one problem that you just can't solve by yourself?

1. _________________________________________________________

Now comes the hard part: waiting for God's answer. He doesn't always

solve our problems quickly, but he does hear our prayers and he does answer. While you are waiting, you may very well be the unexpected answer to someone else's prayer. Can you think of two people that you could offer to help?

1. __________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________

Try being a blessing to someone today! You'll love it. So will God.

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