Three on Responsibility

Episode Theme


Memory Verse

Proverbs 10:4

Hands that don't want to work make you poor. But hands that work hard bring wealth to you.

Matthew 25:14-30

Jesus will come again, but no one knows when he will return. Jesus told his disciples to be ready for his second coming. The disciples asked Jesus, “How are we supposed to be ready?” Jesus answered their question with a story:

A man decided to go on a trip. Before he left, he called his three servants and put them in charge of some of his money. To the first servant, the man gave 5 talents (worth about $10,000). He gave the second servant 2 talents (about $4,000). He gave the third servant 1 talent (about $2,000).

What did the servants do with the man’s money? The first servant used the $10,000 to earn another $10,000. The second servant used his $4,000 to earn another $4,000. The last servant dug a hole and hid his $2,000 until the man returned.

When the man returned from his trip, he congratulated the first two servants and put them in charge of more things that he owned. What did he think about the last servant? The man called this servant “lazy,” took back the $2,000, and threw the servant out of his home.

What does this story tell us about being ready for Jesus? The word talents can mean several things. It used to mean about 75 pounds in weight. Then it meant more than $1,000. Today, we use it to mean something that we are good at. Jesus wants us to use our talents while he is gone. He does not want us to hide what we do well.

What are your talents? Write down 2 things that you are really good at doing.



How can you use your talents for Jesus' kingdom?



Try using your talents this week for Jesus. He will notice and be pleased with your effort!

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