Trust and Obey

Episode Theme

God-Worshiping: Obedience

Memory Verse

Colossians 3:20

Children obey your parents in everything for this pleases the Lord.

Why should children obey their parents?

Parents say "Don't play with fire." What bad things could happen if their children don't listen?

Parents say, "Do your homework and try hard in school." What bad things could happen if their children don't obey?

God told the Israelites to obey His laws. They didn't. Do you know what happened to them when they didn't obey God? Slavery. Every time Israel forgot to listen to God, another country would fight Israel. This country would win and make the Israelites their slaves. After years of being slaves, Israel would remember God's words and ask Him for help. God would feel sorry for them and send someone to rescue them. Then Israel would obey God again. Unfortunately, Israel would start forgetting to obey God's commands. Yes, you guessed it: slaves again. The book of Judges tells this same story over and over and over. Only the names of the invading countries and the people God sent to rescue Israel seem to change.

God tells us to obey Him. Why? God is our father. He knows what bad things wait to grab us if we don't obey Him. He cares about us. God made His rules to keep us safe and happy. He wants us to live well, and the rules He created let us live well with Him. Our parents want the best for us so they also use rules to keep us safe and happy.

There's another reason to obey God and our parents. Obedience is a gift. When we obey God, He knows that we love Him. Our parents know that when we obey them, we love and respect them. Obedience not only keeps you safe, but it also shows your love. It's a very good rule to follow.

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