When Bad Stuff Happens to Good Lizards

Episode Theme

Idolatry-Discerning: When Bad Stuff Happens

Memory Verse

Do you ever have bad days?  Do you ever have trouble trusting in God on really bad days?  See if you can guess this Bible person who had some really really bad days.

  1. He heard people were planning to kill him.  His friends lowered him in a basket through a hole in the city wall so that he could escape to another city.  (Acts 9: 23-25)
  2. In another city, people plotted to stone him.  He heard about their plan so he escaped unharmed. (Acts 14: 1-7)

  3. Another group of people caught him and threw stones at him.  Then they threw his battered body outside the city walls and left him to die (he didn’t).  (Acts 14: 19-20)
  4. He was arrested and whipped severely. (Acts 16: 22-24)

  5. He was arrested again.  While he was in prison, his nephew overheard people planning to murder him.  (Acts 23: 12-22)
  6. He was sent to Rome for trial.  On the way, his boat was shipwrecked by a terrible storm. (Acts 27: 27-44)

  7. He spent 2 years under house arrest in Rome. (Acts 28:31)


Who was this Bible person?  Paul, the great missionary.  How does the Bible describe Paul, despite all his really bad days?  The Bible says that “he preached boldly about God’s kingdom.  No one could keep him from teaching people about the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Acts 28: 31)

What about you?  When you are having a really bad day, can people still see Jesus shining in your life?  When things are going wrong, go to Jesus.  Tell him. Ask for help.  Let him guide you.  Jesus is the best way to handle bad things that happen to good people.  Just ask Paul.

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