Who Needs A Best Friend?

Episode Theme

Community-Building: Being a good friend.

Memory Verse

John 15:13,14

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command.

Who is your best friend?   How would you describe your best friend?  One of the most famous Bible people, Paul the missionary, depended on his friends.  Time for a Bible Quiz on Paul’s best friends!

Question 1:  After Paul became a Christian, most Christians were still afraid of him, but this friend boldly told everyone how Paul had met Christ.  Who was he? 

Question 2:  This friend was a doctor and traveled with Paul a lot.  He even wrote two books of the Bible.  Who was he?

Question 3:  This young man left Paul in the middle of their first missionary trip.  Paul was so angry that he refused to travel with this man again.  Towards the end of Paul’s life though, he specifically asked for this friend to be sent to him because he was so helpful to Paul.  Who was he?

How did you do?  Barnabas was a respected leader in the early Christian church so when he vouched for his new friend Paul, everyone listened.  Paul and Barnabas went on Paul’s first missionary trip together.  Dr. Luke traveled with Paul, even all the way to Rome (a trip which included a hurricane, a shipwreck, and prison).  He wrote the books of Luke and Acts.  Mark abandoned Paul and made him furious, yet somehow the two met again and became so close that Paul needed his friend Mark to come see him.   

What about you?  Can you count on your best friends no matter what?  Can they depend on you?  One of the amazing truths about Jesus is that he really wants to be best friends with you—our Savior, our LORD, wants you for a friend!  Choose your earthly friends wisely—in fact, get advice from the best friend ever, Jesus, to help you choose best friends and to help you be a best friend.  Friends rock—just ask Paul, he would never leave home without them!

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