Wild Blue Yonder

Episode Theme

God-Worshiping: Glorify God

Memory Verse

1 Corinthians 10:31

Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

Have you ever wanted to do something big, but all you get are little jobs?  Then you should meet David…he’s got the cure for the “doesn’t matter what I do” blues!

The Israelites had a big problem:  the Philistines.  The Philistines lived near Israel.  The Philistines were mean and obnoxious and big.  The Philistines also liked to pick on the Israelites.  Finally the King of Israel took his army out to fight the Philistines, but the Philistines surprised him.  One Philistine soldier came out to the battlefield and challenged the Israelites to send one soldier out to fight him.  Winner take all.

Sounds like a huge impressive job, doesn’t it?  Come, save the entire nation from those nasty Philistines.  Who will do it?  That was the problem:  not one Israelite soldier was willing to fight the Philistine giant named Goliath.  Why?  Goliath stood over nine feet tall, and he wore the best armor.  No Israelite had enough confidence to volunteer….until David came along.

David was not a soldier.  He had one of those small, stinky, unexciting jobs.  He was a shepherd and spent his days out in fields protecting his sheep from wild animals and from themselves.  David did his job as best he could.  Several times, God protected David from animals like lions, so David had already experienced God’s power.  It was because of this lowly job of shepherd that David had the confidence to say, “I will stop this giant.  My God and I will do it!”

That’s exactly what happened.  David took a stone, put it into his slingshot, and killed that mighty giant.  What about you?  Do you feel like God only wants you to do small things that nobody notices?  It just may be that God is using these small jobs to prepare you for something great.  1 Corinthians 10 says “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  It worked for David, and it’s the best way for you to live your life too!

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