Wilderness Club

Episode Theme

Community-Building: Teamwork

Memory Verse

Galatians 6:2

Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

True or false. When God has a job for you to do, you have to do it alone. False! Time for a quiz on Bible helpers:

Question 1: Abraham's son needed a wife. None of the women in the neighborhood knew God. How could Abraham find a God-loving wife for his son? (Genesis 24)

Question 2: Saul had just met Christ and become a Christian. He wanted to tell the Christians in Jerusalem, but they thought he was tricking them so he could hurt them. How could he show he was truly a Christ-follower? (Acts 9)

Question 3: David did everything that King Saul ordered him to do, but it wasn't enough. The king hated David. Did the king hate David enough to kill him? How could David find out the truth? (1 Samuel 20)

How did you do? The answer to all three problems was to ask a friend to help. Abraham sent his most trusted servant on a long journey back to Abraham's family to find a God-loving wife for Isaac. The servant prayed to God for help and God sent him Rebekah to be Isaac's wife.

All of the Christians living in Jerusalem remembered the terrible things Saul had done to Christians. None of them believed he loved Jesus until a Christian named Barnabas stood up, brought Saul to the Christian leaders, and told them the true story of Saul's changed heart.

Who could help David know what King Saul was really thinking? The son of King Saul? The prince who would be king next? Yes, Jonathan was the king's son, but he was also David's best friend. Jonathan learned what his father was planning, and then he warned David.

Does God want us to do life alone? No way! He is always with us. He sends good friends into our lives. Don't even try to do life alone-it's way better with a friend!

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