Wonder World (Epic Story-1)

Episode Theme

Order-Discovering: God is the God of all things.

Memory Verse

Genesis 1:1

And God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.

Have you ever wondered about how God created our world?  Have you ever wondered what if…..what if God created the cheetahs before he created land?  Or what if he didn’t create mountains?  Or, what if he forgot to create clouds for rain?  It’s amazing that God created so many different things—all in perfect order and all just by speaking them into existence.

Do you know the order of God’s creating week?  He spent three days creating spaces and then the next three days filling these spaces. 

Day 1:  God looked at empty darkness and declared, “Let there be light.”  And there was light.  God enjoyed his light and called it good.

Day 2:  God looked at the waters and separated them from the sky.  He enjoyed his sky and called it good.

Day 3:  God separated dry ground from the water.  He then filled the land with plants and trees of many kinds.  God enjoyed his land, his plants, his trees and called them all good.

Day 4:  God filled the sky with the sun in the day and the moon and the stars in the night.  He enjoyed his beautiful lights and called them good.

Day 5:  God filled the sky with all sorts of birds and filled the waters with amazing sea creatures.  He enjoyed all the creatures he designed and called them all good.

Day 6:  God filled the land with animals, big and small,  and called all his animals good.  He then created one special creature in his own likeness.  He surveyed everything he had made and said, “Everything I have created is very good!”

The next time you are outside, take a minute to look at something God created.  Enjoy it.  Thank God for his creation…..he designed this world for you and for him to enjoy together….forever!

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