June 30, 2012 Family Activity

Theme: Life in Abundance

Jesus described himself as our Shepherd—he guides us, provides for us, and saves us. Jesus said that he came to give us life in abundance.  What does he mean? Read more about our Good Shepherd in John 10: 1-18.


  • Abundance means extremely plentiful, way more than enough. Talk about what abundant life in Jesus looks and feels like. Use a cup with water overflowing to illustrate God’s overflowing grace to us (and how we have more than enough to share with others.)
  • Learn more about sheep and how they depend on their shepherd for everything. Connect sheep’s complete need for a shepherd with our complete need for Jesus. Create a sheep with cotton balls to remember that life in abundance comes only from our Good Shepherd.

    John 10:10

    (Jesus said), “I have come that they (you!) may have life and have it abundantly.”
    This page can be found at http://kidscorner.reframemedia.com/bible/family/life-in-abundance