August 01, 2015 Family Activity

Theme: Serving God by Earth-Keeping

God commanded all of us to take care of the earth. Let's find ways to learn how to care for all things with respect: the environment, water, animals, plants, farm land, and all resources.  


  • Ask your children to watch out for ways to save water and electricity.
  • Find ways to drive less. Walk, ride your bike or take the bus to where you need to go! Explore carpooling as a choice for getting around town. You will have extra time to spend with your friends and family.
  • Ask your family to use less heat and air conditioning. Dress for the weather.
  • Start a compost system in your backyard for all your fruits and vegetable peelings and scraps.
  • Spend time in nature. Play outside in the fresh air.
  • Keep your school and neighborhood free of garbage. Put it in the recycling or garbage where it belongs.

    Psalm 24:1

    The earth and everything on it belong to the Lord. The world and its people belong to him.
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