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What’s So Horrible About Horoscopes?

January 13, 2018

Spike has Liz and Scooter following horoscopes and Scooter ends up on top of a water tower.

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind

January 06, 2018

What has Liz and Lucille scared out of their wits?  Liz is sure it’s an alien who has come to kidnap them!  Stay tuned to this week’s Kids Corner to find out what’s really going on.


December 30, 2017
The school play is coming up and Liz is sure that he will not only have the lead role, but also be asked to direct. That doesn't happen, but Miss Wattle does give him the role of Old Ben which Liz still uses to be a "star" with sunglasses, a chinchilla beret, silk scarf, and bodyguard. This causes Chamy and Miss Wattle to "fire" Liz and replace him with Morrie. Liz finally realizes that he once again has fallen to pride.

Mary’s Miracle

December 23, 2017
Have you ever wondered what Mary thought about the very first Christmas? Was she scared? Excited? Happy? Listen to Mary’s Miracle on this week’s Kids Corner.

Beyond Belief

December 16, 2017
What if you had been there the night Jesus was born? Join Liz on the road to Bethlehem on this week’s Kids Corner.

Merry X-Monsters

December 09, 2017
What’s the true meaning of Christmas? Help Liz figure out how to celebrate the birth of our Savior on this week’s Kids Corner.

The Knights Before Christmas

December 02, 2017
Are we really supposed to help everyone? Even if they are not Christians? Check out who deserves our help on this week’s Kids Corner.


Series: Radio 2

November 25, 2017
Lucille starts her program for broadcast on WLZR, Liz's radio station. One of her callers is Colleen, a basketball player, who is sick of her parent's attention. But Rita O'Dell a famous player helps Colleen to see that having supportive parents is really a blessing.

Turkey Rocket

November 18, 2017
On Thanksgiving Day, all of Terrene comes out to help to celebrate being thankful, but Liz and the gang encounters some tough challenges and hard times. Can they be thankful regardless of the circumstances?

A Very Good Day

November 11, 2017
Grandpa and Liz are on a treasure hunt! They’re following clues left behind by Grandpa’s childhood friend. What’s the next clue—and what treasure is hidden somewhere in Terrene?

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