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Lucille’s Choice

July 12, 2008
When Lucille has several deadlines looming, and no time to finish it all, she has to choose how to organize her time and what to do first.

Bible News: Esther (part 2)

Series: Bible News

July 05, 2008
The kids present a play telling the Bible story of Esther.

Bible News: Esther (part 1)

Series: Bible News

June 28, 2008
The kids present a play telling the Bible story of Esther.

Running In Circles

June 14, 2008
The racing season is starting again and Liz and Morrie are invited to work in the pit with the new team in town: Shifty Crankshaft and the #55 Team. Everything is going good until Liz sees the Crew Chief putting something suspicious in the car's fuel tank during a pit stop and the car wins the race with an amazing burst of speed. Should Liz report what he saw?

Racing to Win

June 07, 2008
Liz has found a racing car in Grandpa's barn. Can Liz convince Grandpa to let him drive it?

Team Lacerta

May 31, 2008
Look out! A racing team has invited Liz to join them. But when Liz is assigned to clean up the garage and arrange the tools, he is not too happy.

A Few Good Lizards

April 05, 2008
After Grandpa tells them the story of Abraham bargaining with God for a few good people in Sodom, Liz and Lucille think they will have no problem finding 50 good people in Terrene. But as they interact with their friends and family, they find it is not as easy as they thought.

What A Friend We Have

March 29, 2008
Scooter is having a terrible time at school and decides he wants to get back at the kids who are bullying him. But before he gets a chance, Grandpa introduces him to a friend who will never let him down.

Everybody’s Good At Something

February 16, 2008
Morrie is convinced that he is not good at anything-until the class takes an aptitude test and he is surprised to find that he is good at something.


November 04, 2006
While they are watching a big track meet at Terrene High School, Grandpa tells stories about the importance of perseverance-lizard versions of the tortoise and the hare, the little boy and the dike, and the great Athenian runner Pheidippides.

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