Power Tools: Taking a Stand Against Bullying

Power Tools: Taking a Stand Against Bullying

In the Kids Corner episode “There’s an Ape for That,” Skink and his gang are bullying Scooter, Morrie, and their new friend Kenan. The three boys feel embarrassed, angry, and afraid of what might happen next time. Unsure of how to make the bullying stop, the boys decide to try to take revenge. Have you ever witnessed or been a part of a bullying situation like this? Check out this booklet because you or someone you know has been bullied. And because of the bullying, you too may feel afraid, sad, angry, confused, or embarrassed.  


In the following pages, you will find stories and advice about bullying from many different angles:

Power Tool #1: God and Me
Power Tool #2: Friends Helping Out
Power Tool #3: Am I a Bully?
Power Tool #4: Everyone’s Connected


As you listen to and read the following stories, watch for power: Who has it? Who needs it? Who helps to balance it out? Look for ways that you can help restore God’s vision of community. You could do everything in this booklet by yourself, but it was designed to be shared in community with your friends and family. We invite you talk about these Power Tools with those you trust.

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