April 2008

Encouragement Through Biblical Story

Have you ever wanted to encourage your child, but didn't know quite what to say? Has your child ever needed your advice but didn't want to listen? Sometimes a story might help you give wisdom to your child.

God knows that we love stories-that's why the Bible is full of stories of people who have faced every imaginable difficulty. Our "heroes" faced life with God's help, and that's why re-telling their stories to your child may just help your child do the same.

Here are some examples:

  • Daniel-finding courage to do the right thing alone, working with non-believers.
  • Joshua-facing an impossible job, dealing with whiny followers.
  • Moses-making a bad decision, being afraid, being criticized harshly.
  • Esther-having to talk to a really important person, being in the minority.
  • Hannah-wanting something sooooo much.
  • Philip-not understanding God's plan at first.
  • Joseph-betrayal by loved ones, slavery, false accusations, prison, forgiveness.
  • David-trusting God, being hunted, making a huge mistake and being forgiven.
  • Ruth-going to a foreign place, taking care of someone.

Telling a story can sometimes get the point across to your child more clearly than any advice. Dwell on the details-linger on the worry, pain, indecision-and don't rush to the "happy ending." Pray that God will use your re-telling of the story to guide your child. The power of God's stories is truly amazing!

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