April 2009

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: Book Recommendation

Here is a great book for dads (and moms) of daughters: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: Ten Secrets Every Father Should Know by Meg Meeker. (Ballantine Books: 2006) Meg Meeker is a Christian pediatrician and mother of four children. Her purpose for writing this book is to affirm the vital role dads play in nurturing their daughters to become strong, confident women. Her book both emphasizes the importance of fathers and coaches them how to be strong fathers to their daughters.


Dr. Meeker organizes her book into 10 secrets that every father needs to know to build his relationship with his daughter and to shape her adult life. Included in these chapters are what a strong father looks and acts like and suggestions for how every father can develop these valuable traits. Strong fathers guide their daughters in setting healthy boundaries, making wise decisions, and avoiding disastrous mistakes. Strong fathers also pass on to their daughters a vital blessings when they demonstrate the hope that flows from a strong faith.

Dr. Meeker wants every dad to know the power he holds in his daughter's life. She also desires to give dads the necessary tools to raise daughters, to strengthen bonds with them, and to shape their entire lives. Every daughter wants her dad to be her hero-This book includes true stories of dads and daughters and will help dads be the heroes their daughters are looking for.

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