August 2004

Devotionals for Children

Daily devotions as a family and opportunities for our older children to have individual devotions encourage us to deepen our Christian walk together. Here are some suggestions for devotional books geared for children.

Making Time for God (Garret and Plantinga Pauw) has daily devotions for elementary age children and their families. Each devotion uses a topical scripture, meditation, and prayer. More information is available at

Popcorn Clouds and Bubblegum Trees (Damon) is written for 4-8 year olds and uses the letters of the alphabet to talk about God. Credo Canyon (Reinsma) uses stories about a neighborhood of children to explore faith issues. Rooftop Kids (Reinsma) uses stories about children living in Old Testament times to explore God. These devotionals are aimed at 5-11 year olds.

For girls aged 8-12, It's Me, Jesus (Bulthuis) uses a prayer journal format that includes craft and project ideas. Have You Looked at Your Tongue Lately? (Donker) contains devotions for 8-12 year olds using relevant age topics. More information on all these devotionals is available at

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