August 2005

Back to School

It's coming…the first day of school is almost here! The days just before school begins can be fun but may also be anxious days. Here are some ideas to help get your family ready to go back to school.

  • Take a field trip to your school. Peek in all the windows and wonder how all that mess will be transformed into classrooms. Remember together "last year's room."
  • Pray. Each day ask your child to choose one "school thing" such as a teacher or student or class or the principal to pray to God about.
  • Read books together about going back to school. The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is a great book for young students worried about being away from home.
  • Plan out the first day so that there won't be any frantic last minute upsets. Run through the morning, pretending to get ready.
  • Role play with your child what your child may be anxious about. Role-play, what do I do if no one talks to me at lunch? What if I trip and fall and everyone laughs? Arm your child with options.
  • Role-play with your child what other children may be feeling. What if someone else has no one to talk to at lunch? What if someone else trips and everyone laughs?
  • Role-play yourself. What if you meet a family new to your school? What if you spot a mom all by herself? Give yourself with options how to welcome other children and their families.

Enjoy your last few days before the school bell rings again!

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